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A furniture makeover that transforms this old forgotten piece into a beautiful armoire.

Can you believe this DIY armoire makeover project started out as the old piece in the image below?!

DIY armoire makeover on this piece I found at a local antique shop.

I found this at a local antique shop for a price so awesome I had to grab it. I immediately envisioned a completely transformed DIY armoire makeover! This is exactly how I found it, while it looked rough, it had “good bones.”  Meaning it is structurally sound and the important parts that hold it together are in good condition. My initial plan was to purchase, flip, then sell it. Does anything ever go as planned in life?!? Of course not, I liked it so much I kept it.

It took me almost a year to start this project, it is a huge piece. When I saw it I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fix it up right away, but the deal was a steal so I grabbed it and let it hang out in my garage.

How will you use this new piece ?

This is going to go into my foyer. A front entryway is always tricky for me to try to pull together. I have a hard time deciding how to place things that you would want to keep handy without ending up with a cluttered mess.

When anyone enters my home I want to give a warm welcome that invites guests in and makes them want to stay awhile. When this piece was finished I knew it would look perfect near my front door, I could finally have a complete and welcoming entryway.

Here is a list of all of the materials used for this project:

Hand-held sander/sandpaper, Sanding blocks in a variety of grit. Tack cloths, Paint brushes, Minwax wood stain, ebonyMinwax wood stain, gray Minwax polyurethane, Chalkboard paint, black, Protective goggles, Dust mask, and a Reusable drop cloth.


I know I could have found something similar that was reused but a bit “newer.” I hate the thought of throwing away the past, this could have been the staple in somebody’s grandmother’s house.

Or maybe it belonged to a child who once hung all her new clothes in it for school. You know, back in the day when kids walked 10 miles through the snow up a hill to school. I love finding things that look like they are hanging by a thread and giving them a new life. Re-purposing furniture is eco-friendly right?

DIY armoire makeover

As you can see this is solid wood,  one of the best reasons to redo “old” pieces. This was a great piece with definite potential.

Diy vintage armoire makeover

You can also notice some discoloration in some areas, which is why I chose a dark finish.

DIY armoire makeover

I removed all the hardware and was able to find hinges that were similar to the originals.

After sampling a few colors I decided to use an ebony black stain.

DIY furniture makeover

The mini closet bar was so cute we lightly sanded it, and placed finish on it.

We kept the original board that was an insert to the right side door and painted it with chalkboard paint.

diy makeover

It was wrapped in some cloth so I simply removed it and painted the smooth side. It was just a little scuffed up with “character.”

Usually, I would avoid painting the inside of drawers but since we were not putting clothing inside them, they needed some covering up.

diy armoire makeover
DIY furniture makeover

Basically, any exposed wood was covered with the finish.

diy furniture makeover

To brighten up the inside I painted the back areas with a few coats of grey stain. I decided to add an accent flower detail using a peony stencil. I also added this stencil with glass etching paint to the small door above the drawers.

How did you find a glass piece for the armoire makeover?

I found a local glass dealer to make me an 11 3/4″ x 11 3/4″ piece of glass to fit in the tiny door. Once I had it I stenciled it and then added it to the door.

diy furniture makeover

We secured the glass with these corner tacks by placing them in the wood with a flat head screwdriver then gently tapped them into place with a hammer.

diy furniture makeover

After the tacks, we found 1/4 inch X 1/4 inch pieced of wood and stained them to match, and nailed them in place. This secures the glass even more and looks nice.

diy furniture makeover

Same Idea here, we used these tacks that fit perfectly to secure the board in place. Then on the opposite side, I went back to the same glass place and had a mirror cut to size for the other side. This was sort of like a picture frame. We placed the mirror so it would face out then placed the board with the chalk side facing inside and secured it all together.

Attaching the hardware once it was painted made the job complete!

diy furniture makeover

I have to say that this Armoire makeover is one of my favorite vintage flips. At first, I wasn’t sure how a large piece of furniture would fit in a fairly snug entryway. The idea of a huge piece of furniture right where you walk in didn’t seem to make sense.  Once in place, it looks great and is very functional.  I am glad I gave it a try, it has been fantastic. It gives the whole area a more complete appearance.

Is this furniture makeover functional?

Yes, we do use this piece! In our day-to-day daily routine, this armoire holds backpacks, musical instruments, lunch boxes, and the coats my kids want to wear the next day. Painting the inside of the door with chalk paint makes it perfect for reminders. The outside of the door is a mirror for that one last check before you leave the house. It also gives guests a place to throw stuff as well.

DIY Armoire makeover

Taking this piece from an old, dirty, and broken to a cleaned-up functional piece of furniture worked out well. It’s one of my favorite furniture makeovers yet.

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