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chicken soup recipe

Chicken Soup

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 150 minutes
  • Total Time: 165 minutes


  • 1 whole 6-7 lb chicken (preferably with the neck)
  • 3 large yellow or white onions chopped into large pieces
  • 2 large shallots peeled and chopped in half.
  • 3 medium carrots peeled and chopped into thirds
  • 5 celery stalks cut in half and all celery leaves.
  • 2 thyme sprigs (or 12 tsp dried thyme leaves)
  • 3 rosemary sprigs (or 12 tsp dried rosemary leaves)
  • 45 Parsley stems with leaves (or 23 tsp dried parsley)
  • 2 tsp salt or more
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 1 lb cooked noodles of your choice


  1. Place all ingredients in a large pot ( I use 8 or 9 quart ), add enough water to pot to cover all ingredients and leave about 3 inches room at top for steam.
  2. Bring to a slight boil on medium/ high heat. Once it begins to boil, reduce heat to low/ medium cover and let simmer for 1 1/2 – 2 hrs.
  3. You can let simmer longer if you wish. You want the temperature of the chicken to reach 165 degrees in the breast to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.
  4. When done, remove chicken from broth, set aside and let cool.
  5. Using a cheesecloth or slotted spoon remove the rest of the ingredients from the broth and discard.
  6. Now you have a pot of plain broth left in the pot. What I normally do is pour any broth I wish to save into containers at this point. I leave as much as I will need to finish soup, depending on how much soup is needed that day.
  7. With the remaining broth, add 1/2 cup dry white wine and chopped reserved carrots and celery, and Simmer, in the meantime remove chicken meat from bone and remove any skin. Chop into small chunks and add to broth.
  8. You want the chicken broth to simmer at least 30 minutes to cook out the alcohol from the wine and make sure the vegetables are tender. While soup simmers, taste a small amount and add any more herbs, salt or pepper as needed. Salt will cook out, taste first then add what is needed and always taste again before serving.
  9. Also, while soup is simmering cook 1 lb of pasta in another large pot of salted water.
  10. Drain and add to bowl, then add rest of soup to bowl.


Broth will be good refrigerated for a few days, or frozen up to a few months. The seasonings and herbs are a guideline, add as much or as little as you wish for your taste preference.
I like adding a small amount of white wine, I feel it gives a unique flavor that I enjoy.
I ALWAYS keep cooked noodles separate, even after serving I store leftover noodkes separtely form the soup. If you store noodles in soup they will become SOGGY!!!