How to start a garden is coming Soon!

How to start a garden of your favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs right at home. With the right tips and tricks, you can grow your own fresh produce.


Why start a garden?

Did you know that every day that goes by after you pick a fresh fruit, vegetable, or herb, it loses some of its nutrients? By the time you purchase them at your local grocery store, they were picked weeks prior and may have already lost some nutrition.

Growing your own garden is beneficial in so many ways. Having fresh produce at your fingertips will taste amazing, be healthier, and is more cost-effective.

What if I don’t have space to have a garden?

Whether you live on multiple acres or in a small apartment, in warm or cold weather, you can start to grow your own produce (even if it’s little). You just may need to be clever and find the best way.

All you need is to learn the basics of how to keep a plant or anything you are growing alive. I started with shaded house plants and then moved on to herbs, basil was my first success 🙂

how to start a garden

I grew the basil in this photo all by myself in a pot inside during the winter. Basil is one of those herbs that if eaten fresh is a total game changer.

My next goal is a greenhouse, and I plan to make it out of recycled windows of course. As I learn more about the gardening world, I will share it with you. I hope you follow along and start your own journey. To be continued…

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